Medicare for All

In the richest country in the world, there is no excuse for 29 million Americans living without health insurance. Everybody gets sick. But illness or injury shouldn’t mean your family goes broke. Medicare for All will lower premiums and expand coverage to every American, regardless of income or pre-existing conditions. With Medicare for All, families will never have to pay inflated premiums because of a pre-existing condition, or battle with their insurance company over huge, unexpected bills in the mail.
Millions of Americans already have coverage through Medicare or Tricare for the military, and they would never give it up. Mark will fight for the shift to Medicare for All because it’s the best way to reduce costs and improve coverage for those with insurance, and expand coverage to millions who are going without.

Ending Mass Shootings

The U.S. has less than 5% of the world’s population, but almost half of the world’s civilian-owned guns. Americans also face gun violence and mass shootings at a scale without comparison in the rest of the world. We must improve background checks to stop dangerous people from buying guns, as well as passing Red Flag legislation that empowers spouses or parents people exhibiting threatening behavior to do something about it.

We must also eliminate the boyfriend loophole, which allows individuals convicted of stalking or domestic abuse to legally obtain guns if they weren’t living with the person they abused.

 Mark fully supports Moms Demand Action and their work to end gun violence in the United States. Dangerous automatic weapons have no place on our streets or in our schools. Congress must act to pass universal background checks, Red Flag legislation that disarms would-be killers, and a ban on military-style assault weapons. 

Send a message to Ann Wagner that we’ve had enough: elect Democrats like Mark Osmack who can speak with authority and bring progress on this life or death issue.


Climate change is real, it’s caused by burning fossil fuels, and we are already feeling its deadly effects. But it’s not enough for us to know what’s happening: we must work aggressively and decisively to confront corporate influence, pass strong, smart legislation, and create a sustainable society. Investing in renewable energy sources is a great strategy for progress. There is bipartisan support, the projects will create good-paying jobs, and adoption of renewables decreases demand for dirty fossil fuels. Solar and wind already produce electricity at similar costs to coal: the government could absolutely do more to accelerate the transition. We must also hold energy companies, and all industrial enterprises accountable for violations, and stop subjecting Missouri families to polluted air that’s causing asthma, cancer, and premature deaths. Missourians deserve a sustainable climate, good jobs, and clean air: Mark will stand up and fight to make it happen.

Defense and National Security

The best way to honor, serve, and protect our military service members is by ensuring the US does not enter conflicts that are unclear and without end. Less than 1% of US citizens serve in the military and the weight of that responsibility cannot be carried by them alone. If a decision is made to engage in a conflict, the burden and costs must be shared by all citizenry.

Community Policing and Public Service

We need to foster partnerships built on trust and understanding between officers and the communities they serve. Police and communities should feel like allies, not enemies.

That’s why I support Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and Byrne JAG programs, which have been supported by prosecutors, police unions, and reform activists. These programs provide officers with the equipment, training, and funding they need while giving citizens a voice in the process. Through strategies like deescalation and eliminating biases, we can repair and strengthen the relationship between our police and communities. We must return police to their essential function: serving the public.


Make education affordable once again by reintroducing public funding to universities and trade schools, and offer universal early childhood education. I used the GI Bill to attend George Washington for my Master’s in Public Administration, but you shouldn’t have to go to war to afford a high quality education.

Jobs & Economic Security

A strong economy is meaningless without a strong middle class, and despite record-breaking corporate profits and low unemployment, middle-class families are seeing expenses rise while income stays the same. Too many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and getting nowhere despite great qualifications and working to the bone. Mark’s commitment to working families includes fighting for strong unions and beating Prop A, making trade schools and community colleges accessible to everyone, raising the minimum wage, and ending the wasteful, harmful cycle of deep student debt for degrees that don’t pay. Mark supports Medicare for All so that you always have access to healthcare, even if you lose your job or decide to start a business. Mark also believes in progressive taxation, and a rollback of Trump’s tax cuts for corporations and the super-rich.

Right to Work

Missouri’s working families deserve a living wage, and unions play a major role in raising wages. I am a proud former member of UFCW Local 655. I strongly oppose Right to Work legislation and was proud to join the grassroots effort to collect the 310,567 signatures to help block it. I believe workplace safety, wages, and affordable healthcare have all been improved through the advocacy and strength of labor unions.

Foreign Relations

Create bold solutions to persistent security issues by refocusing our global military commitments, returning accountability to defense spending, & ensuring our actions abroad reflect our values at home.

Minimum Wage

No one who works full time should be living in poverty. I worked my first minimum wage job 20 years ago: the minimum wage was too low then and it’s barely gone up since. Missouri’s working people deserve wages that keep up with the rate of inflation.


Those who have volunteered to serve our nation must be given access to the highest levels of care. We must prevent the privatization of the Veterans Administration and ensure successful transition into civilian employment.


Despite constant misinformation that immigrants are a drag on public resources, the fact is that the U.S. is a nation of immigrants, and immigrants are more likely to start businesses, and less likely to commit crimes, than their non-immigrant neighbors. The hate and scapegoating must stop. Mark will stand up for people working to build a better life in the U.S., by working with both parties on a permanent fix for Dreamers, and comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.

LGBTQ Rights

I am utterly steadfast and tireless in my support and full commitment to the LGBTQ community to ensure that all rights and opportunities are open to all no matter gender or sexual orientation. This includes protecting marriage, adoption, employment, housing, and military opportunities so that they remain open to all no matter who we love.

Race Relations

As uncomfortable as it is, there continues to be economic, educational, criminal justice, and racial inequality. Though we are not beholden to our ancestors’ mistakes, we can work together to remedy the issues facing us today.


As a government, we cannot burden those with lesser economic capability with taxes that exceed their means or constrict them from moving towards greater financial success. As Americans, those with greater economic capability will contribute more while not discouraging financial success.

Reproductive Health

I trust women and believe abortion should be safe and legal. Birth control should be freely accessible to all Missouri women regardless of where they work or where they live.

Opioid and Substance Abuse

The way to stop the deaths ripping through Missouri families today is to treat this as the public health crisis it is – with treatment, education, and pharmaceutical oversight – not incarceration.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system needs to be re-evaluated and improved at all levels: from policing practices, to sentencing, mass incarceration, privatization of prisons, and how we reintegrate those who have paid their debt to society. These changes will save taxpayer dollars while strengthening our work force and economy.