Tammy Duckworth Endorses Mark Osmack

Sen. Tammy Duckworth
U.S. Senate (D-IL)

"Mark is a Democrat who can tackle tough issues with leadership, courage, and accountability. I know -- I worked with mark on defense and veterans issues on Capitol Hill, and I'm proud to endorse him in his race for the United States Congress."

Sue Meredith

Rep. Sue Meredith
Missouri HD-71 in Creve Coeur

"I am supporting Mark Osmack for Congress and you should too. Mark is one of us. He understands the neighborhoods, our needs, and our values. He has led and served in the Army as an officer for 10 years (including two tours in Afghanistan) and will continue to lead the same way in M Mark was born and raised here in the district, and I'm proud to support him as a shining example of leadership, hard work, and service to others."

Bruce Franks

Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr.
Missouri HD-78 in St. Louis

"I've known Mark for years. He's a bold progressive who's never afraid to speak up for what's right when it really counts, and is exactly the kind of brave public servant we need right now in the U.S. Congress."

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Voice of America's 21st Century Patriots

"Mark brings a rare combination to this race -- a history of service in uniform, with experience on Capitol Hill that will allow him to immediately deliver results for the people of the district. Mark knows what's wrong in Washington, knows how to fix it, and has the dedication to Missouri, and America, to get results. He will make a fantastic Congressman, and we're proud to endorse him." - John Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chair of VoteVets.

Hadley Democrats

Hadley Township Democratic Club
St. Louis County