Tammy Duckworth Endorses Mark Osmack

Sen. Tammy Duckworth
U.S. Senate (D-IL)

"Mark is a Democrat who can tackle tough issues with leadership, courage, and accountability. I know-- I worked with Mark on defense and veterans' issues on Capitol Hill, and I'm proud to endorse him in his race for the United States Congress."


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
U.S. House of Representatives (D-HI)

"I'm endorsing Mark because he has the best chance of beating Ann Wagner, and because he is exactly the type of principled, passionate, authentic public servant we need in D.C. I know that Mark has the courage and substance to help us make change happen."

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Missouri Fraternal Order of Police
Statewide Police Union

The Missouri Fraternal Order of Police is the statewide organization of police with over 7,000 members. As a union, the FOP represents working men and women who serve the public and keep our communities safe. The endorsement came after a vote by its members at the Missouri FOP state convention.


Mobilize Missouri
St. Louis Chapter

Mobilize MO is a member-driven, grassroots political and activist organization born out of the growing progressive movement in Missouri. The local chapter of the national Our Revolution group endorsed Mark for the second district congressional race.


Mobilize Missouri
St. Charles Chapter

After a meeting with its members, the St. Charles chapter of Mobilize Missouri decided to endorse Mark as their candidate for MO-02. This endorsement is another in a long list of local groups who have endorsed Mark.


Distinction: Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

Moms Demand Action is a group of grassroots activists that advocate for common sense laws to prevent gun violence. Mark has earned the Gun Sense Candidate distinction through his collaborative work with Moms Demand Action.

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Voice of America's 21st Century Patriots

"Mark brings a rare combination to this race -- a history of service in uniform, with experience on Capitol Hill that will allow him to immediately deliver results for the people of the district. Mark knows what's wrong in Washington, knows how to fix it, and has the dedication to Missouri, and America, to get results. He will make a fantastic Congressman, and we're proud to endorse him." - John Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chair of VoteVets.

Bruce Franks

Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr.
Missouri HD-78 in St. Louis

"I've known Mark for years. He's a bold progressive who's never afraid to speak up for what's right when it really counts, and is exactly the kind of brave public servant we need right now in the U.S. Congress."

Sue Meredith

Rep. Sue Meredith
Missouri HD-71 in Creve Coeur

"I am supporting Mark Osmack for Congress and you should too. Mark is one of us. He understands the neighborhoods, our needs, and our values. He has led and served in the Army as an officer for 10 years (including two tours in Afghanistan) and will continue to lead the same way. Mark was born and raised here in the district, and I'm proud to support him as a shining example of leadership, hard work, and service to others."


State Sen. Scott Sifton
Missouri SD-1 in St. Louis County

"Mark knows what it takes to win in November and get progressive policy passed in Washington. I admire Mark's courage, willingness to boldly state his beliefs and ethic of service to our country."


Missouri Progressive Action Group (MOPAG)
St. Louis

Since early 2011, this group of St. Louis area progressives has been meeting to establish a network of activists anxious to influence public debate  about issues of vital important to Missouri and the nation. MOPAG membership voted unanimously to endorse Mark at their July meeting! 

Hadley Democrats

Hadley Township Democratic Club
St. Louis County

The Hadley Township Democratic Club voted to endorse Mark after hearing statements from all democratic candidates.


Democratic Club of Queeny and Lafayette Townships
St. Louis County

The Democratic Club of Queeny and Lafayette Townships endorsed Mark after their monthly meeting, making Mark the only candidate to earn any Democratic township endorsement.


Edgar Road Progressive Parents Group

US House of Representatives, District 2: Mark Osmack

We’re excited to announce our endorsement of Mark Osmack for the US House! Mark is a bold and unwavering progressive who is deeply committed to public service. A passionate advocate for Medicare for All, he also believes in common sense gun control, funding education from pre-K through trade schools and community colleges, and focusing on treatment instead of incarceration for people suffering from addiction. Having served two combat tours in Afghanistan with the US Army, he has the ability to both motivate progressives as well as the background and courage to win over swing voters.

Citizens’ Endorsements:

“There are many reasons why I’m endorsing Mark Osmack. He is in favor of responsible gun controls, he opposes Prop A, and knows first-hand the need to end the war in Afganistan. He understands the need to make our public schools the best they can be to ensure all citizens can be prepared to have productive lives.
In view of the current state of Washington, we need a stable, rational Representative.”                                  ~ Jo

“Our Second District is so lucky to have a candidate who has the smarts, the integrity, and the attitude Mark has. If we want to be represented by someone who listens to our concerns and will work hard to help us, we couldn’t ask for anyone better than Mark Osmack. Lucky us!”                                                       ~ Beatrice

“I endorse Mark Osmack for Congress because he combines high ideals and progressivism with a solid moral grounding, honor, humility, and basic human decency. He does this with quiet confidence and without showmanship or self-righteousness. My ideal of a good public leader is someone who is concerned with the rights, opportunities, and well-being of each individual. To put it more succinctly, someone who truly respects individual human dignity. 
Those who know me know my deep respect and admiration for Harry Truman. He was a ‘work horse’ and not a ‘show horse’. This country is sorely in need of that kind of leadership. Truman knew the importance of looking out for the interests of the common everyday person rather serving as the hired hand of special interests. 
Mark Osmack is that kind of leader. He knows what hard work is, and he is interested in getting the job done. He can fight for what he believes in and win!”
~ Mark S. Krasnoff, MD